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CHAN 3148
'May a thousand blessings fall on the head of Peter Moores for persuading the BBC to release this archive 1968 live broadcast of one of the greatest-ever triumphs of Sadlerís Wells Opera (later to be ENO) The singing and playing show a large, ambitious company bursting with enthusiasm and talent... You canít help but be swept long by his inexorable drive through the score. And aside from all this, you feel youíre listening to a moment of history: the production marked a turning point in the companyís life, and it was because of the success of this staging that Sadlerís Wells felt it had the resources to go on to produce the English Ring cycle which was to be it most monumental triumph. A joyous revelation.'
Classic FM Magazine


What software do I need to preview the audio clips?
Both Windows and Macintosh computers come pre-installed with software capable of playing MP3s. 'Windows Media Player' for Windows or 'i-tunes for Macintosh'.

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