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'He brings a rare combination of colourism, textural definition and rhythmic alacrity to Debussy’s 24 Préludes, conveying the character of each of them with a disarming ease that serves the music in an ideal way. He finds a perfect balance between thoughtfulness and spontaneity, is in command of a wide variety of touches and dynamics and is faithful both to the letter and intent of the musical text. Unlike some pianists he can make the difference between tenuto and portato audible without exaggeration and he seems mercifully uninterested in self-concious trickery with the middle pedal... In short, this is one of the finest accounts of the 24 Préludes that I know, surpassing in many ways the classic accounts by Gieseking, Paul Jacobs and more recently Jean-Yves Thibaudet'
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If you interested in licensing any Chandos music, you have three options:

1) Download our licensing document in PDF format (Click Here to download). When finished please complete and send it to the address at the top of page one.

2) Contact us on +44 (0) 1206 225200 and we will arrange for the appropriate documentation to be sent to you.

3) Fill in our online form below:

Catalogue Number of CD requested: e.g CHAN 9800


Track Number
Number of minutes requested
Details of Use

- synchronisation for a film or TV
- to produce a compilation CD for commercial sale
- as background music for a display/exhibition/presentation
- for educational use with a CD or book with extracts of music

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Chandos Licensing Policy
We are happy to license recordings from our extensive back catalogue for commercial, semi commercial or educational use. We will take applications for charitable purposes but there will be a nominal charge made to cover documentation

If the music is still in copyright the licensee will need to contact the publisher for permission and pay any fees requested to Orchestras and Artists when synchronisation rights are being requested.


Please contact :

Bella Challis
Chandos Records Ltd
fax: 0044(0)1206225202

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